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Quote on Open Source

“Open source culture tends to look down on personal recognition. Crowds, not people, make breakthroughs.”
– Aarti Shahani of KQED

You can listen to the original airing or read the transcript at

Eben Moglen Is Reshaping Internet With a Freedom Box –

Internet access should be added to the human bill of rights. I can think of nothing more freeing than an open Internet. To anyone in search of answers for themselves with a disdain for authoritarian figures pushing their fact-less truths, the Internet is the greatest source of empowerment.

“…a shopping list to rebuild the Internet — this time, without governments and big companies able to watch every twitch of our fingers.”

Eben Moglen Is Reshaping Internet With a Freedom Box –

buy soap locally

here in santa barbara, ca you can buy soap made locally:

Their website is powered by Drupal too…

Less consumption, more production

Goodbye Google Reader.

The Chork :: Chopsticks & Fork

The Chork :: Chopsticks & Fork. See you later spork.

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