Outdoor Wireless Deployment

Deployed this arrangement to broadcast a wireless network from an outdoor antenna roughly 150′ from one house to another.

The ‘Indoor Extension AP’ utilizes a wireless uplink from the ‘Outdoor AP’ – and you can have multiple extension APs on the same network.

Configuration is all web-based – both devices are power over ethernet – took about 1.5 hours from start to finish (not including mounting the devices).

One very neat thing is that you can download a map via Google Maps which the software uses to estimate how the wireless reception range of each AP. It errored on the side of caution as we had a 99% strong signal (according to their own metrics) outside of the estimated range between the two APs.

The software also lets you block specific MAC addresses, keeps track of traffic by client device and many other niceties that a typical over-the-counter AP would not have.


Ubiquity Website

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