Improve the speed of Backblaze.

Adding your “Downloads” folder and additional file types can improve the speed of Backblaze. Open System Preferences and select the Backblaze preference pane, then click Settings. Screenshots below:

Avoid data recovery fees by making certain you backup your computer

I spent the better part of my weekend performing data recovery on a failed 24″ iMac hard drive (Seagate 7200.11). In the end only about a weeks worth of data was lost, thanks to Time Machine. Hard drive failures are one of the most common problems to occur over the life of a computer. Most data loss is entirely preventable.

Here are my current best practices to avoid having to suffer any data loss:

  1. Use Dropbox for all current and working documents
  2. Use Backblaze to backup your entire computer (Mac or PC – about $60/year)
  3. Use an external hard drive with Time Machine for Mac, or for Windows 7 the built-in backup or XXClone.

It is also important to make certain your backup software is running. For Time Machine you can open System Preferences and then click on the Time Machine icon, the date of the last backup will be displayed. For Windows, open Windows Backup and it will display the date of last backup.

A Western Digital Elements 1.5TB 3.5″ External Hard Drive is less than $100. Most of the online backup services are about $60/year (recurring cost).

A typical data recovery service starts around $1000 and only goes up, in addition they are time consuming and you will not have immediate access to your data.

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